Finally Some Recognition!

The Guardian posted an article earlier this year that brought awareness to students struggling with the invisible illness of mental health. The article states:

When you picture university medical centres, you might think of stereotypical student complaints. Alcohol induced injuries, fresher’s flu, emergency contraception – the consequences of a certain type of student lifestyle. But there may also be students like me in the waiting room, who have “invisible illnesses”.

An invisible illness is defined as an “illness that lasts a year or longer, limits activity and may require ongoing care”. It could be anything, from chronic pain, to much more serious lifelong conditions such as lupus and ME.

They are illnesses you may have heard about, but when you look at someone who suffers from one of them, such as I do, you don’t see anything wrong. We might come across as lazy, or not game to do things. We might get seemingly unfair treatment, such as essay extensions. But if there’s one thing I hope to achieve from writing this, it’s that you might begin to understand how hard it is to live with an invisible illness.

To read the full article, visit


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