When it comes to Mental Illness among University students, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Mental Illness is an on going crisis that has yet to be resolved. As stress is building and times are getting tough, student’s mental health can easily lag behind. Ryerson students need not to be ashamed of their struggle, but seek help for it!

McLean’s online magazine posted an article from 2013 (which demonstrates just how long this has been a rising issue) in regards to the rise and effects of mental illness among university students.

Ryerson was mentioned!

Last year, Ryerson University’s centre for student development and counselling in Toronto saw a 200 per cent increase in demand from students in crisis situations: “homeless, suicidal, really sick,” says Dr. Su-Ting Teo, director of student health and wellness. Colleagues at other schools noticed the same. “I’ve met with different key people. They’re saying last year was the worst they’ve ever seen,” says psychologist Gail Hutchinson, director of Western University’s student development centre in London. “The past few years, it’s been growing exponentially.” Fully a quarter of university-age Canadians will experience a mental health problem, most often stress, anxiety or depression.

To read the full article, visit http://www.macleans.ca/education/uniandcollege/the-mental-health-crisis-on-campus/


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